According to a survey that was conducted by Morton Salt, an American Company that produces table salt, it was found out that although 85% of Americans have access to hard water, only 20% of them have taken an initiative of using water-softening systems. These statistics shows that it might be possible that a large percentage of people lack important information regarding the facts of hard water. Therefore, the following five facts might be very useful to you.

1. Hard Water Causes Skin Irritation

Have you ever experienced skin rash or dry skin after shower? Well, the answer to that question might be obvious if you use hard water for bath. Studies have shown that hard water limits the ability of soap to lather hence leading to formation of a residue of scum on the skin. This scum is the one responsible for causing skin irritation.

2. Hard Water Stains Clothes

If you use hard water to wash your clothes you might have noticed that most of them, especially the ones that are white in color, are stained. This is because of the residue scum that is left on them after rinsing. Therefore, you might want to consider installing a water-softening system to address this problem.

3. Hard Water Increases the Cost of Operation

Hard water can increase your cost of operation significantly when channeled through your piping system. When heated, the minerals contained in the water coats the inner side of the pipes. This leads to a reduced flow of water and eventual busting of pipes that will cost you money to replace.

4. Hard Water Causes Teeth Discoloration

When you use hard water for drinking, the minerals contained in it continues to stain your teeth. This process continues until they become entirely discolored. According to studies, teeth discoloration might have serious repercussions on one’s self-esteem hence leading to self-dislike.

5. Hard Water Might Harm your Social Welfare

According to Morton Salt’s survey, 66% of the respondents confessed that they were embarrassed at least once when their house-guests noticed stained utensils and clothing in their homes due to the effects of hard water. This situation might escalate to a point whereby they opt to cut their social ties to avoid exposing their weaknesses to more people.

In conclusion, it is better to install a water-softening system if you use hard water rather than waiting until it starts destroying the beauty of your home.