Water is life giving and on the other hand, water is life taking. If water is pure it can be a boon and if water is polluted it can be a curse. We all drink water on a daily basis and do not even think twice about doing that. How many times does it happen that we think about the purity of the water we are drinking? Like once every 50 times we drink water. We only question the purity of water if we see something fallen into it or if the water seems muddy or some other color. If the water looks normal and clear it does not mean it is pure.


What do we do for a purity of water? We install water purifiers or water softeners. If we are out or traveling then many people choose bottled water without even thinking. There is a better option than that. So why to choose water filter systems over bottled water? Here are the reasons –


With water filters you are sure that the water is pure. The filters are in front of you and you can change them whenever you need. But have you ever seen a how the water is treated before being packed into plastic bottles for selling? The answer is no. Then how can you be sure that the bottled water is actually treated and purified and not just tap water with little bit of flavors?

One Time Investment

Some might think that water filters are more expensive but if you think long term they are more reasonable. You drink water from bottles and then throw them away. Then buy them again and again. Instead, you should be using water filter jugs. They are small and have filters in them to purify water for you. If you are a traveler they are best for you. Instead of buying bottled water everywhere and storing multiple bottles you can simply buy water filer jug and pour down tap water. The jug will filter the water for you and make it fit for consumption. Learn more about it on this site.

For entire Household

Water filter systems also come for an entire household. Just install them in your water supply system and you are done. They will purify the water for you and also do it in large quantity that satisfies entire household’s need.


Water filters are eco – friendly as they are needed to be bought only once. Whereas bottled water is needed again and again which increases the plastic wastage. Plastic is no friend to an environment we all know that. Water filters are bought just once and can be used for a long time therefore much lesser waste.

More Capacity

Water filters have more capacity to store water. Water bottles are available only in limited quantities and so for long journeys they are not practical. Say if you have to travel for one complete day then you would surely need at least 15 water bottles and they would also consume space. Instead, water filters consume less space and store more water. Check out the best water softener for more options.