Movies are the easiest and cheapest form of entertainment and everyone will agree to that but the standards of movies now days have really gone down. Many movies are either copied from somewhere else or are so predictable that there is no point watching them. There are still many movies that are genuine and interesting but how do you know? Before going to a PVR to watch a movie or downloading a movie, how will you know whether the movie is what it says or not? Many times it happens that we see the preview and it seems so cool and interesting that we wait eagerly for the movie. But when we see the movie it is a big disappointment.


Predictable Scenes

Some movies have scenes that are so predictable that it takes away all the fun. This especially happens in horror movies. The music is very much the same and it literally predicts the entry of the ghost and hence becomes a spoiler alert. If the movie has to be scary the entry of the ghost must be completely unexpected. The music should be bang on and should be exact at the moment the ghost is shown.


Very few movies have scenes that are actually funny and no vulgar. Even in comedy movies the scenes are either copied or vulgar. Vulgarity has become the symbol for comedy but that is wrong.

Boring Scripts

Romantic movies have become so boring because of same ideas being filmed again and again that people have lost faith in them. Romantic movies have to be magical as love is magical. No love story is ever the same they why are movies the same? There is always two people who do not fall for each other at first and then some hard situation arises and then one of them realizes that they are in love. Then that person will make the other person realize that and happy ending. This is not the case in real life so why in theater?

What should you do?

You should download movie streaming apps. Instead of wasting money in a PVR or wasting money in buying a DVD, you can easily download a movie on movie streaming apps like ShowBox or MovieBox. Both these apps have an advantage that they are free. These apps also show suggestions according to the past movies you have seen or searched.

ShowBox is one of the best movie streaming apps and you can also connect your device to your TV and watch the movie on a bigger screen with the help of this amazing app. This way even if the movie is not as good as you thought it would be you will not have wasted any money.

You can also download and install MovieBox app to watch all the latest flicks online for free. It has multiple highlighting features. The number of downloads of this movie streaming app is increasing day by day.

Final Say

Copied movies are nothing just the replacement of cast. The original will always remain original. There is a reason the word original is used with a classic.